Get new 6 habits 
in 8 weeks with 
our Planer and Tracker
Get new 6 habits in 8 weeks with our Planer and Tracker
What will you track?
Plan Your Meal
Design your daily meals in advance, ensuring you get the right mix of nutrients and avoid last-minute unhealthy choices
Less Junk Food
Set goals to reduce your consumption of unhealthy snacks and processed foods, aiming for more natural and whole food options
Working Out
Schedule regular fitness sessions, whether it's cardio, strength training, or yoga, to boost physical health and mental well-being
Stay Hydrated
Keep tabs on your daily water intake, ensuring you drink enough to keep your body hydrated and functioning at its best
Daily Reading
Allocate dedicated time to read, whether it's for leisure, learning, or professional growth, and track the books or articles you've completed
Monitoring Progress
Regularly check in on your goals, noting achievements and areas for improvement, ensuring you stay on track and celebrate your wins
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Who is this tracker perfect for?
For the Organized Go-Getter
  • Juggling between family, work, and me-time
  • Mastering the art of time management in a bustling routine
  • Making every moment count, from sunrise to sunset

Seeking to enhance workout routines
  • Those aiming to enhance their workout regime
  • Striking the balance between indulgence and nourishing choices
  • On a transformative journey to weight loss or toning up

Focused on self-reflection for personal growth
  • Passionate about transformative reading experiences 
  • Acquire new skills and enrich their hobbies 
  • Dedicates themselves to self-reflection and for personal growth

Tracking Daily 
Life & Habits
  • Observe the weather and see how it affects your mood 
  • Chronicle daily emotions, identifying patterns and triggers 
  • Easily track daily water intake, aiming for optimal hydration 
  • Monitor your financial habits and expenditures 
  • Document your reading habits - book titles & summaries 
  • Record rest patterns, working towards rejuvenating sleep
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How do I download this eBook?

You can download our tracker effortlessly. Just follow these simple steps:
  • Fill in the fields with your name and email. 
  • Click on the "Download" button. 
  • You'll receive the tracker directly to the email you provided.

How can I use the tracker?

Our tracker is designed to be user-friendly and versatile. Once you've downloaded the tracker, there are multiple ways you can utilize it:
  1. Directly on your phone, tablet, or computer: You can easily mark and monitor your habits on any device. 
  2. Print it out: If you prefer a tangible touch, print out the tracker and enjoy the process of manually filling it in.
Do I have to pay for this Planner?
You might be thinking that such a valuable tool would come with a price tag. However, you're in for a pleasant surprise! Our tracker is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just fill in your details, click "Download", and it's yours!
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